Business Applications UNCW
Business Applications Department
The Business Applications Department provides technological support to improve division/university business operations and service to students, faculty and staff.   The office offers consulting services; applications development and maintenance services; RFP services; vendor package evaluation services; and data integration/data conversion services.   The various business units in the division use systems operating on varied platforms; the focus being web-based or web-enabled systems.  These systems often have interfaces to major administrative systems of the university or the state.   Business Applications is organized into three Units:   Application and Web Based development, Server Administration,   One Card technical and reader repair support.
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Systems Project Requests
Project Status Report   Click to view detailed listing of all active systems project requests for Business Affairs.
Systems Project Request Form   Business Affairs departments are required to complete this form for new systems, major modifications to existing systems and/or complex data extraction.
Access to web-based applications developed and maintained by Business Applications is through UBusiness login.   Click to view detailed information about UBusiness applications supported by Business Applications.
Door/Camera Security System
Camera Policy Procedure   UNCW departments are required to complete this form for Cameras
Server Management/Security
This section is reserved for information about server support.
Director - Business Applications Stanley Edwards 962-3716
Assistant Director - Systems Administration/Security Steve Swart 962-3077
Server Administration Jerry Martin 962-7309
UNSea Card Technician Bob Hinnant 962-2180
Info Systems Liaison - Door Security System Susie Goodrum 962-3564
Programming Team - Applications Analyst Michelle Dickens 962-3717
Bus & Tech App Analyst Kelly OConnell 910-962-4071
IT Project Manager Andrea Powell 962-2652
Programming Team - Applications Analyst Walter Tenney 962-7446
Campus PO Box 5919     |     601 S. College Road   Wilmington, NC 28405-5919     |     Telephone: 910-962-3716     |     Fax: 910-962-7381